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Yatra Cost Kailash Mansarovar

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Cost

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Cost information in detail with multiple Kailash tour options.

However, there are various Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Cost Information for 2023 is subject to change and very depend on the yatra routes, service, and accommodation style. Basically there are 5 different active routes to reach Kailash Parvat.

1. Kailash yatra from Kathmandu 14 Days by bus via Kerung border is the most popular and easiest way to reach Mount Kailash in any condition of weather.

This overland yatra is cheap and reliable tours for all the Yatries from May till September every year.
Taking yatra by road you will get good acclimatize in route and don’t need more stress. But, the drive from Kathmandu to Tibet border, Kerong is off-road and bumpy drive.
Bus Yatra to Kailash all-inclusive package costs are following.
Standard Package – 175000 INR per person for Indian passport holder and 2500 US$ per person for Foreigner passport holder or NRI– Ex from Kathmandu to Kathmandu.

This package includes – pickup and drop service from airport or bus station, Rudra Abhishek in Pashupatinath temple, Generally 3-star standard hotels in Kathmandu and standard guest house in Yatra route (guest house are clean, but for bathrooms, you need to share) and all the meals during yatra served by Nepali staff.
Deluxe Package – 200000 INR per person for Indian passport holder and 2700 US$ for foreign passport holder or NRI– Ex from Kathmandu.

Deluxe package includes airport pickup and drops service, Rudra Abhishek, and Hawan in Pashupatinath temple before going Kailash yatra, 5-star hotels in Kathmandu, and standard guest houses in yatra route, all transport by sharing bus/jeep, vegetarian meal during the yatra and guiding service are included.
However, those yantras are very similar, only the cost difference is in Kathmandu Hotel.

2. Mansarovar yatra from Kathmandu to Lhasa flight, then take a bus drive to Mansarovar lake then reach to Mt. Kailash and return the same way.

To compare the road yatra to Mansarovar, via Lhasa flight is more expensive than the road. But, from Lhasa to Kailash you need to drive again almost similar duration like road yatra to Mansarovar. That means, the yatra length is longer than Road, and the cost also more. The flight to and from Lhasa is very dependent on the season. Start from 350 US$ to 900 US$ in the high season.

When you taking tours to Kailash from Lhasa, you get a great opportunity to visit Lhasa city and famous Durbar Potala Palace and Tibetan Market Street which are one of the world wonders.
This yatra cost starts from 275000 to 295000 INR per person for Indian passport holders and 3500 to 3700 USD per person for foreign passport holders or NRI.

3. Kailash Mansarovar yatra from Kathmandu or Nepaljung by flight to Simikot, then take a short flight by helicopter to Hilsa border then drive to Mansarovar Kailash and return the same route.

(Its called Kailash yatra by Helicopter 11 Days all-inclusive.
One of the most popular Kailash yatras considers the time frame and less drive option. But, it is one of the most challenging and risky. All the flight and helicopter charter very dependent on the weather. Due to weather reasons sometimes the yatra length can be longer than expected time. In that case, Yatri required to pay extra costs for extra days.
The yatra cost or Helicopter Kailash tour is per person 250000 to 270000 INR for Indian passport holders and 3550 to 3800 US$ per person for Foreign passport holders or NRI.

4. Kailash Mansarovar tour via Lhasa Ali flight from Kathmandu and few hours by road to Mansarovar (11 days yatra )

This yatra is one of the most expensive, reliable, and less drive yatra begin from 2010 AD. only. You need to fly from Kathmandu Lhasa, then another flight to Ali and about 200kms drive, you reach to Mansarovar lake. Take a sacred walk around Kailash Parvat and return the same route back to Kathmandu.
Lhasa to Ali there are only limited flights and aircraft cannot fully load. Because of high altitude air, pressure. Sometime the flight will cancel without any notice and from the bad weather.
This yatra starting from 455000 INR for Indian passport holders and 6700 US$ for Foreign passport holders or INR.

5. Yatri can participant from Darchula to Purang via Lipu Lake by walking.

This is only the Indian government pilgrimage yatra organized by India Government for only limit Yatries every year.
This yatra organizes by Indian Foreign Affairs. So please for cost and all the yatra process contact directly to them.
Due to the fixed quota of Yatries, difficult travel route, and difficult selection process and poor service on the route, this yatra we do not really suggest for Yatries.

Even, we provide all pilgrimage Yatries free information about yatra planning, cost, information, and all the preparation as a specialist operator from Kathmandu. Please feel free to contact us by mail or you may call as well.

Conclusion of Kailash Tour Package Cost

However, there are several travel agency offering various packages by their own, the price is not same from everyone. It is very depend on their service, standard and the travel mode.

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