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Best Mansarovar Kailash Yatra Route

Kailash Yatra Route

Information about Kailash Yatra Route and Cost for 2023

Kailash and Mansarovar one of the most popular Hindus, Buddhist, and Jain pilgrimage destinations among the holy places of the world. Every year, thousands of Yatries participants for this lifetime experience yatra.

For the Mansarovar yatra, Yatries required 11 to 16 days by different packages. The yatra begins hub is Kathmandu and Pashupatinath Temple, Nepal. Almost 90 percentage of Kailash Yatries, participate via Kathmandu, Nepal.

From Nepal, there are 4 different yatra routes you can choose. All the Kailash Yatra routes very depend on your time, budget and interest, and service.

The following route is the most popular route from Kathmandu to Kailash and Mansarovar.

Route 1 – Kailash yatra by road – classic route – Most popular Yatries Choice route by bus yatra to Kailash Mansarovar from Kathmandu via Kerung. It is one of the most popular routes and budget effective and well-acclimatized yatra route since 2017 AD. 13 Days yatra by road. Most of Yatries enter Kailash via this route with very good travel and support services under supervision by the Nepali and Chinese teams.

Kailash Yatra by Bus from Kathmandu cost 175000 INR/2500 US$

Route 2 – Gold route to Kailash via Lhasa flight from Kathmandu. The route itself very popular including the Lhasa city tour as well and you have a chance to see the north face of Mount Everest from Tibet side, Mt. Shisapangma, and more. Longest drive over the high desert from Tibet, One of the expensive yatra routes. 16 Days from Kathmandu.

Kailash Tour from Lhasa Flight Cost 2023 – 275000 INR/3600USD

Route 3  – Kailash Yatra by Helicopter 11 Days from Kathmandu, this yatra route is the third popular route to reach Mansarovar, those Yatries avoid a long overland journey to Kailash. This route is combined with flight, helicopter, and Bus drive service. Relatively expensive route but Yatri can do within a short time to compare the other Kailash yatra route. 11 Days from Kathmandu including Pashupatinath Temple Darshan.

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by helicopter Route Cost- 210000 INR/3600 US$

Route 4 – Kailash yatra via Lhasa Ali flight – One of luxuries yatra route by flight and drive and most expensive route. 11 Days including Kailash Kora/Parikrama. Only a few people choose this route to Kailash.

Mansarovar Yatra 2023 Via Ali route Cost- 450000 INR /6700 US$

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