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How difficult is Kailash Yatra

Kailash Kora difficulties

Kailash mansarovar yatra is one of religious valued pilgrimage activity especially for Hindu and Buddhist people in the earth. It says kailash mansarovar is the toughest pilgrimage in the world for various people. The yatra is a physically challenging for everyone because of geographically structure of cosmic mandala. Yatris have to go over the high passes of Trans Himalayan Mountain above the 5600 meters without uninhabitable condition.

Driving through the less oxygen and dry atmosphere in the high lands of remote Tibet itself an challenge. Strong controlled by Chinese government in the remoteness route and risk of altitude sickness with uncontrollable weather condition is challenge. 

Although, the yatra is becoming easier and lighter every years for the yatries through the yatra travel agency from Nepal. Kailash tour operator from Nepal, offer first class service, encourage for easy going, and motivated good guiding until back to Kathmandu. Even, they provide you personal assistance, to find best accommodation, advising for prevention, checking your physical condition daily, catering services and necessary arrangements for your successful kailash parikrama. The agency provide your emergency oxygen back up support from the world class equipment which become your yatra more comfortable. Warm layer for katra and comfortable packing yatra bags that more easy and less risk factor.

In kailash tour, you not only get mockshya but also you enjoying in this beautiful naturally landscape, view of Himalayas. Wide range of dry and windy valley, the Tibetan remote land people live hood and various high altitude planets in the yatra days.

Main important fact and part of Mt. Kailash tour is the circuit of Kailash either Kailash Kora (Walk around the Mt. Kailash). This holy land is standing over 5000 meter altitude which means always below the oxygen level to breadth. The dry landscape and less oxygen strong wind cannot supply enough oxygen level. Thus, you get physical problem if you not take care self. The unexpected change of weather is another difficult fact of the yatra.

Idea for Easy Kailash Tour

If you get involve daily physical exercises, have some experience of hiking, enough equipped, friendly to eat and drinks during the tour, the yatra gone be easier.

Please keep in touch always with your kailash tour group on the yatra route. Do some yoga when you have free time, get active with friends, yatra team and support team, taking a long breadth for enough oxygen supply for your body and be positive mind always that make more easy for your successful yatra to Kailash Mansarovar.

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