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Mount Kailash Tour how to Book 2024

Kailasj Tour Cost and Date

Mount Kailash Tour, How to Book in 2024

The Kailash Mountain locally named Kang Rimpoche (Snow God) standing like a snowy pyramid. Mapam Yamco (Holy Lake) near Rakesh Tal (poison lake) is the source of 4 strong rivers (Karnali, Sutlej, Brahmaputra, and Indus) from 4 different direction of the earth.

After the darshan of Pashupatinath Temple taking a Rudraabhishek Hwan the Kailash tour being from Kathmandu city.

Mt. Kailash North Face from Derapuk Monastery

Mount Kailash tour is one of the must-do things for human life. The pristine mountain and crystal glacial Lake Mansarovar are the symbols of the cosmic mandala. Mt. Kailash is most revered holy places on the earth for Hindus, Buddhists, Jain, and Bon religious community. The sacred land lies 1200 kilometres from Lhasa City and 1100 kilometers from Kathmandu Nepal, in the remote area of Tibet Autonomous zone of China and near to Nepal Border. Probably, Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar are some of the highest elevated destinations for pilgrimage, travel and adventure, and nature lovers.

Every year, thousands of travelers travel to Mt. Kailash and trek to Kailash circuit 52 km within 3 days kora. It believes, after taking a journey to Kailash Mansarovar you will get moksha prapti and not suffering in this life and relief. And, you will forgive all the negative energy, bad karma and purify your body toxin after taking a holy bath in lake Mansarovar.

Popular group departure dates for the Mount Kailash tour starting from May until September and October to November are upon request only for international people.

Following Mount Kailash Tour departure dates are published for group joining basic.

Mount Kailash tour fixed departure dates for 2024 are:  May 17 and 30, June 16, July 15, August 14 and September 07 and 12 , guest needs to arrive in Kathmandu. The tour is 13 days journey by bus from Kathmandu.

Mt. Kailash tour from Lhasa flight in 2024 departure dates are: May 14 and 19, June 28, July 28, August 21 and September 05 and 19 guest need to arrive in Kathmandu. The tour is 16 days journey Fly in out Lhasa and Drive in out Kailash from Ktm city.

Kailash Tour by Helicopter departure dates for 2024 are: May 20 and 31, June 28 and September 07 and 20. All yatries need to arrive in Kathmandu on that day.

However, the dates and price are subject to change under unavoidable circumstances. Please contact your Kailash tour expert by email or call them.

Himalayan Glory Travel is one of the very experienced tour operators from Kathmandu, Nepal operates the number of trips to Kailash from Kathmandu for global people at an affordable cost since 2003 with a well-certify itinerary from different routes. By Land, By Air- Helicopter, and Land and By Air and Land, Choose your suitable package to Kailash is 100 satisfactions from the experienced team. The Kailash tour company provides you one-stop travel service to Tibet and Mount Kailash through local experts.

However, this year 2024 – Kailash tour packages dates are subject to change due to bad bad weather, natural disaster and other emergency impact.

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