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Kailash Parikrama via Lhasa Ali Flight

Kailash Tour package from Lhasa Ali


‘pilgrimage adventure to holy Kailash via Lhasa and Ali around Far Western Tibet is an alternative kailash yatra route to avoid lond drive in Tibet’

Highlights of Lhasa Ali Kailashh Tour

“An adventure on newly opened route to holy Mt. Kailash and scared Manasrover Lake From Kathmandu to fabled city Lhasa and towards Mt. Kailash via Ali world highest airport Explore world highest and largest plateau within best holy places of Tibet South West Holiest of all holy sites for four great religions Hindu-Jain-Buddhist and ancient Bon sect Exciting drive within barren and arid terrain facing grand scenery of high snow peaks Starting pilgrimage visit of holy Pashupatinath Temple and Buddhist Bouddhanath Stupa Parikrama of holy Mt. Kailash and over Dorma-la highest and sacred spot of the area Visiting vast and sacred lake Manasrover with time for puja and acclimatization days”

Kailash Yatra Profile:

Trip Mode:                        On hotels – Guest House and Lodge or camping on parikrama
Tour Grade:                       Moderate to Adventurous due to high altitude with parikrama walks.
In Tibet:                             8 Nights and 9 Days with both ways flights and drives.
Highest spot:                     On top Dolma-La pass 5,630 m and 18,525 ft high.
Total Trip:                         11 Nights and 12 Days (Kathmandu to Kathmandu)
Seasons:                            April to October months includes monsoon seasons of June to
September, as Tibet falls within rain-shadow areas blocked by
high Himalayan mountain range.

Introduction of Lhasa Ali Kailash Tour

Holy Mt. Kailash Parikrama an adventure the swiftest way to Tibet Far South West region covering more than thousand meters distances in an hour duration to reach our main high-lights and major destination.

Holy Mt. Kailash Parikrama a special way different to others Yatra, taking a flight from fourth Tibet airport to Ali from Lhasa, located southwest of Shiquanhe Town, Ngari Region around South-West of the country, at an altitude of 4,274 meters high, world’s highest airport.
Where 1,098-kilometers’ journey from Lhasa completes in 1.5 hours (normally on drive, takes at least two days).

Holy Mt. Kailash Parikrama visiting auspicious sites Tirthapuri, Lake Manasrover before heading towards our actual parikrama of Mt. Kailash, in Tibet known as Kora for full circuit and circumambulation around holy mountain Kailash within three days.

Beginning our Holy Mt. Kailash Parikrama from the capital Kathmandu visiting most important Hindu and Buddhist sites of Pashupatinath Temple and great stupa of Bouddhanath, after being blessed at sacred temples and monasteries, then fly to fabled city in Lhasa with exciting tour around great places of interest that Lhasa has to offer.

Tour of old Drefung-Shera monasteries and Jhorkhang Tibet’s oldest temple of Lord Buddha located in the midst of Lhasa around colorful Bharkor Market, where you can witness Buddhist devotees on spiritual journey within holy places at Lhasa.

From Lhasa with delightful and interesting time as well getting acclimatized on this high altitude of above 3,660 m, and then getting ready for Holy Mt. Kailash Parikrama taking a scenic flight over vast Tibetan plateau considered as world’s largest and highest table-land.

During air scenic views of snow capped peaks as plane lands on world highest airport at Ali Kunsha Airport, also known as Ngari Gunsa located nearby town of Shiquanhe, Ngari Prefecture, western Tibet Autonomous Region. The airport started its operations from 1st July 2010, becoming fourth civil airports within Tibet.

An interesting part of Far Western Tibet which is close to Pakistan with mainland China and North-West Indian Himalaya near Ladakh and Kashmir, where you will have time to witness its bazaar in full activities of various bordering nationalities.

From here our heading towards our main destination to Mt. Kailash area visiting auspicious site of Tirthapuri and then reaching at west of beautiful Manasrover Lake near Chu-Gompa located on a high cliff cave, here with time to perform puja and worship, then drive to Darchen town where our parikrama begins.

Holy Mt. Kailash and Manasrover Yatra holy spot four major religions Hindu-Jain-Buddhism and old Bonpo sect of pre-Buddhism worship this mountains as scared and abode of Lord Shiva, and Kang Rimpoche the guru of Buddhist followers.

A small peak in front and part of Mt. Kailash where Hindu calls as Nandi a friend and vehicle of Lord Shiva, to Jain religion is known as Astha Pada where Buddhist known as Tarmo an offering.

Mount Kailash, towers at the height of 6,714m / 22,028 ft within Far South West Tibet and its sacred huge Manasrover Lake, which was created from the mind of holy-spirit in Hindu as ‘Manas’.

Walk starts from sacred spot at Tarboche then towards high terrain to reach at sacred and highest point of the Yatra on top Dorma-la with fascinating close North Face views of
Mt. Kailash and then heading back to Ali for flight to Lhasa and then back into Nepal, after a great experience and adventure of a life-time on Holy Mt. Kailash Parikrama.

Lhasa Ali Kailash Tour Itinerary:

Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu via respective airlines and transfer to hotel.
Day 02: In Kathmandu free day with tour of holy Pashupatinath temple and
Bouddhanath Stupa and to obtain Tibet entry and visa permits.
Day 03: Fly to Lhasa 3,650 m meet our guide and transfer to hotel.
Day 04: Tour of famous sites of Lhasa with Potala Palace.
Day 05: Fly from Lhasa to Ali 4,274 m around Tibet Far South West.
Day 06: Drive to west side of Manasrover at Chu-Gompa 4,545 m – 06 hrs.
At Manasrover Lake in the morning to perform puja afternoon short drive to Darchen 4,620 m with time to visit its busy markets.
Day 07: Drive to Tarboche 4,680 m and start walk to Dhirapuk 4, 630 m – 05 hrs in lodge.
Day 08: Trek to Zutlpuk monastery over Dolma-La pass and Gauri Kunda. Stay in mud house.
Day 09: Back to Darchen and drive to Ali Airport (Gunsa). Hotel
Day 10: Fly back to Lhasa and explore around. Hotel.
Day 11: Fly back to Kathmandu. Hotel
Day 12: Final departure

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